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Arjun featured on Ashoka India

· school bus tracking

Arjun S. (age 16) started "LateraLogics"

Youth venturer since August 2016

Area of work: Civic Engagement

The Problem

Most school transport management systems in use are difficult to manage, inflexible, and expensive. This is mainly because of the tracking devices being used (RFID Reader, RFID Writer, GPS, and GPRS) which are very heavy, expensive and rigid.

The Strategy

In order to address this problem, Arjun has developed a tracking application that works just with a (cheap) smartphone in a bus. No other hardware is needed and it runs with just a monthly fee per child. The Locatera app locates and tracks the school bus (real time) to plan time to drop off or pick up the child. Parents using normal phones (without the app or Internet facility) can just make a 'missed call' to track the bus and the children inside. 

Check the link: for the complete article.

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